Hello, I’m André Tomlin. If you’re interested in my work, you may like to know that I am Founder and Director of Minervation Ltd (an evidence-based healthcare consultancy based in Oxford, that I set up in 2002 with my business partner Douglas Badenoch), and I’m also Founder and Director of the National Elf Service Ltd, which we launched in 2015 with the same owners.  Douglas and I share a lifelong interest and commitment to evidence-based healthcare and have spent the last few years working on a variety of digital health projects for charities, the NHS, universities and companies.

My work includes blogging, social media, coproduction, building websites, writing reliable health information and usability testing. We work across many specialties, but I have a particular interest in mental health, which is why I started The Mental Elf website in 2011.

I live in Bristol with my wife, dogs and elflings.

Career history

Centre for Mental Health

UCL Psychiatry
Honorary Research Fellow

National Elf Service Ltd, Oxford, UK
Founder & Director

Minervation Ltd, Oxford, UK
Founder & Director

The Mental Elf
Chief Blogger

Centre for Evidence-Based Mental Health, Oxford, UK
Director of Knowledge Services

Institute of Health Sciences, Oxford, UK
Assistant Librarian